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BUNDLE of 10 Lettering Workbooks with 370 Hand Lettering Practice Worksheets -Brush/Monoline for Procreate & Print, Modern Calligraphy, Ipad

BUNDLE of 10 Lettering Workbooks with 370 Hand Lettering Practice Worksheets -Brush/Monoline for Procreate & Print, Modern Calligraphy, Ipad

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BUNDLE OF 10 LETTERING WORKBOOKS (Printable & Procreate App) : 

Specially made for beginners, planners, bullet journals & crafts enthusiasts. This bundle includes my 10 lettering workbooks, with 10 different lettering styles.
These workbooks will help you to get started or to improve your hand lettering in a fun and easy way.

🎥 Preview video: click here.

You can purchase each of these workbooks individually in my store but of course, you get a better deal by purchasing the bundle. Plus, these 10 lettering styles complement each other nicely!

► 10 WORKBOOKS INCLUDED (375+ lettering worksheets):
You can see more photos of each workbook in the individual listings.

Brush pen recommended with these 5 workbooks:
- Large Brush Lettering
- Casual Caps Lettering (uppercase only)** 
- Brush Lettering
- Thin Brush Lettering
- Brush Script

These 5 lettering styles are mono weight (same pressure for upstrokes and downstrokes) so simple hard felt tip pen or fine tips pens are recommended with these 5 workbooks:
- Bounce Monoline Lettering 
- Modern Script Lettering
- Monoline Script Lettering
- Sans Serif Lettering (uppercase only)**
- Serif Lettering (uppercase only)**

SAVE 70% by purchasing this bundle!

Each workbook contains 40 hand lettering practice worksheets: 20 Themed worksheets (see full list below) with traceable words + 19 Alphabet pages (upper and lower case) + blank practice sheet.
**Note: 3 of the 10 workbooks are uppercase only (Casual Caps, Serif & Sans Serif), and as such, they only contain 30 hand lettering worksheets (9 alphabet worksheets instead of 19 in the 3 other workbooks).

My themed worksheets with words and sayings will gradually teach you how letters flow together, and effortlessly help you master words you’d be happy to use to decorate your planners, notebooks,
postcards, gift cards, scrapbooking pages, craft projects, etc.

►PRINT - This Workbook can be printed on A4/US Letter size paper or on A5/Half US Letter size (perfect to add them as inserts in your A5 Planners - see the result in one of the pictures). If your printer offers the "Booklet" settings, you can also print them as booklets.
►PROCREATE - You can also use it with the Procreate App and Apple Pencil (JPEG files are included in a ZIP folder) if you own an Ipad compatible with Apple Pencil).

These workbooks will help you to get started or to improve your hand lettering in a fun and easy way.

Even though I’ve included alphabet practice worksheets in these workbooks (19 worksheet pages), I made it a point to include a lot of worksheets (20 different worksheets) featuring traceable words & sayings you’re likely to use in your everyday lettering.

While practicing each letter on its own (alphabet worksheets) is a useful step in the process, for some people, it isn’t the most fun thing to do. Practicing letters on their own doesn’t mean you’ll do a great 
job at forming nicely written words with these letters. 
This is why this big pack, including themed worksheets, is a good choice! 

Each workbook includes the same worksheets, in a different lettering style:
► The themed worksheets included are:
- Greeting card sayings (2 pages)
- holiday & events (2 pages)
- days of the week (2 pages)
- months of the year (2 pages)
- Seasons sayings (1 page)
- planner and bullet journal words (1 page)
- motivational sayings (1 page)
- boss lady sayings (1 page)
- planner girl sayings (1 page)
- travel words & sayings (2 pages)
- basic french vocabulary (4 pages)
- numbers (1 page)

►19 Alphabet Worksheet pages - lowercase and uppercase (note: Sans Serif Lettering workbook only contains Uppercase letters and includes 9 alphabet worksheet pages instead of 19 in the other workbooks)

►Blank practice sheet

►2 Progress practice sheets

►Zip File with worksheets included in JPEG format - if you have an Ipad (compatible with apple pencil) you can import each worksheet in Procreate App: simply add a layer and trace over

Recommended pens for each workbook:
►Brush, Brush Script & Large Tip Brush Lettering Workbooks: Brush Pens such as Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen (my favorite), Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen, Tombow Dual Brush Pen (brush tip), or even Crayola Markers or Crayola Super Tips.
►Thin Brush & Casual Caps Lettering Workbook: Thin Brush Pens (such as Tombow Fudenosuke or Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen).
►Modern Script, Sans Serif, Serif, Monoline & Bounce Monoline Lettering Workbooks: Fine tips pens, hard felt tips pens...

Before you know it, you’ll be able to hand letter all the words and sayings your heart desires without the help of worksheets.

Each workbook also includes a blank worksheet, as well as 2 progress worksheets to compare your hand-lettering before and after completing the workbook.
I also share tips and recommendations to use these workbooks (pens recommended, printer settings to print on A5/Half US letter or A4/US letter).

To get A5 inserts (or half US letter), I advise you cut your paper to A5 or Half US Letter and select the corresponding format in your printer settings, and select scale "fit to page".

You'll be able to instantly download your workbooks in:
►PDF - For Printing
►Zip folder with JPEG files - only use if you want to use the worksheets in Procreate App. 

Note: Shopify limits the size of files that can be uploaded directly in each product listing. 
To make it easier for you to download, I've included a "READ ME" file with the download links to all the files contained in these 10 workbooks. 
You'll have the choice to download the whole bundle containing all the files at once (ZIP folder) or each file individually through the links giving in the READ ME file.

In total, the whole bundle includes 10 PDF and 10 zip folders (including the jpeg files). 
Please contact me if you have any questions or issue downloading your files.

Good to know:
❤ Due to the digital nature of this item, no refund is possible. If you're unsure this product is for you, feel free to ask me questions you may have before ordering.
Please, understand that I do NOT ship or print this item.
❤ This printable is for Personal Use Only - you can print as many times as you want for your own use but you may not share or redistribute this file.


► INSTANT DOWNLOAD: order, save on your computer immediately ("instant download"). After payment, you’ll also receive an email with a download link.

Please note that colors may look slightly different on your screen and printed, as each device (PC and printer) are calibrated differently.

Enjoy and start planning!

Created by Lovely Planner. For personal use only. 

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know. I'll be happy to help you :)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tamarah Kerr
Brush Lettering - Bundle of 10

I have only started using these books to try to better my brush lettering and they are amazing. I have already found that I feel more comfortable writing brush lettering without the guides. I did need to print it a few times to practice so having it as a digital download so I can do this is absolutely awesome. Very much worth my money. If you need to work on your lettering and want practice - this is worth your time.

Perfect for beginners

Bought the bundle to have some extra practice sheets. Good deal, great for beginners!

BUNDLE of 10 Lettering Workbooks

One Happy Beginner Here! Perfect collection for every lettering newbie

Very complete set of worksheets

I really only needed a single font and size so there was way more than I needed but for the price I am certainly not unhappy. I just use what works for my purposes. Becoming proficient requires far more practice than I anticipated but the instructions are great and I expect to succeed, just not as quickly as I had hoped.

Amy Sheddan

BUNDLE of 10 Lettering Workbooks with 370 Hand Lettering Practice Worksheets -Brush/Monoline for Procreate & Print, Modern Calligraphy, Ipad